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Affiliates and Partners
Welcome to the DidTheyReadIt.com affiliate program. Our affiliate program lets you spread the word about this popular, incredibly useful product, and get paid for it! We offer a generous commision of up to 40% for each sale that you bring in. DidTheyReadIt.com has a very high conversion rate, making it perfect for anyone with a high traffic site.

There is no charge to sign up as an affiliate or to start earning significant profits with us.

Below are some common questions and answers about our affiliate program:

Q: Who is eligible to apply?

A: Anyone. Our affiliates include user groups, sole proprietors, large marketing companies, etc. Even if you don't have a website, our innovative sales program allows you to tell your customers/friends and get paid for each and every sale you refer, guaranteed.

Q: How are sales tracked?

A: When you sign up as an affiliate, you will be given a unique link to DidTheyReadIt. If a user signs up for a free trial anytime in the next week after clicking on your link, you are given credit. Then if the same user purchases a full DidTheyReadIt account ANYTIME you will receive your referral fee. You will INSTANTLY receive an e-mail notifying you of the sale and of your referral fee.

You may also be given a coupon code which you can make available on your website, in your newsletters, or through word of mouth. When this coupon code is used by your customers, they will save 5-25% off their purchase, instantly (the exact percentage varies on the promotion). This gives your customers a strong monetary incentive to use this coupon. Every time that the coupon is used, you will receive instant credit for the sale, as well as an e-mail notifying you of the purchase.

Q: How much will I earn for each sale?

A: We offer one of the highest affiliate commisions of any company on the web: up to 40%. If your referrals buy a yearly subscription from us (our most popular package), then you will receive up to $20 for each sale. You get almost the same amount of money on each sale that we do!

Q: Is there any cost to join?

A: There is absolutely no cost to join!

Q: When am I paid for sales referrals?

A: DidTheyReadIt pays its affiliates by the 15th of each month. For example, January referral sales are sent by February 15th. In most cases, affiliate commissions are paid via PayPal. Some of our best affiliates are in foreign countries but all funds are sent in US Dollars. In order to maintain high quality relationships with our customers and affiliates, and to keep our commissions high, you will only be paid when your monthly commission is $100 or more. If your commissions total less than $100, then they are rolled over to the next month until the amount we owe you is at least $100. Please note that affiliates are only paid for the initial sale, not for rebills, upgrades, or subscription renewals. So if somebody signs up for a Quarterly account ($25) then an affiliate will receive credit for that initial sale, not for any additional periods that the member renews.

The affiliate signup form is now available.
To signup as an affiliate, go to Affiliate's Registration Page.

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